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I was born in Springfield, Mass., home of the Basketball Hall of Fame and of course Dr, Seuss.  As a child, I would go with my parents on Saturday nights to a pizza/movie restaurant, and after the movie, I would get up on stage and be acting funny and campy with the other kids. I believe it was at that age I knew Iwanted to be an actor. But it was not to be. I was denied chance to act because "it was not a decent career and I would end up waiting tables, according to my parents. So I entered Cosmetology and became a Hairdresser, working many years in the industry. I later became a Certified Nursing Assistant and devoted myself to that field in different cities where I lived. 

I decided the time had come and I am now embarking on a new chapter in my life as an actor. Like most actors, I am working for that break and I chance to show the world what I got. Leap of faith? Maybe. But that's show biz!

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